Thursday, February 28, 2008

No Hot-Bag Required

I had a first tonight in almost 4 years of delivering "pizza."

A customer ordered an italian salad, 3 2-liters of pop, and a 20 ounce pop. No pizza, no wings, no sandwiches, no breadsticks, nothing hot at all. I commented to the customer on the uniqueness of the situation and he said "I just didn't feel like going out."

Well since we had about a foot of snow and temperatures in the teens, I guess I can't blame him!

I drove 5 hours tonight, took 12 deliveries, drove 44 miles, and made $32 in tips. For the first 2-3 hours, it was one of those nights when everything aligned just right. Every time I got back to the store there was a double (or triple) waiting for me, everybody was tipping at least $2 if not more, and all the traffic lights were green!

Then from 9 pm on things slowed down significantly, but I had already made a good amount of cash so I didn't complain.

My final delivery was for $19.59. There were 3 young males and a female, all in their early 20's. One of the males gave me a $20 saying, "Keep the change."

"Thanks for the 41 cents and you have a great night," I said with cheer as I turned and walked away.

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