Friday, February 15, 2008

Not So Happy Valentine's Day

I worked tonight. I always like to work on Valentine's Night as we are usually pretty busy and tips are usually pretty good. Well, tonight was an exception.

The night started off ok, I walked in the door and there were 2 deliveries boxed up and waiting for me on top of the oven. I made a quick $2.92 on the first and then a disappointing $1.00 on the 2nd. Shortly after I got back, I had another delivery and made another $2.92. So I was close to $7 in just over 1/2 hour.

For the next 5 hours I took only 6 deliveries and made just $12 in tips, with most of that ($8.50) coming from just 2 orders.

Then at 5 minutes before 11, the phone rang. Twice. I made another $6 on my last 2 deliveries.

The 2nd one I earned it for sure. Standing on the porch in the cold, I knocked. Several large loud dogs heard me but apparently no people did. I phoned the customer to let her know that was me that her dogs were barking at. She said she was upstairs and hadn't heard me but would be right down.

For the next about 5 minutes, I heard her in the house yelling a girls name.

Finally the girl came down and paid for the pizza, with a decent $3.43 tip.

All in all, I drove for 6 hours, took 11 runs, made $25, and drove 44 miles. Decent for a weeknight but disappointing for Valentine's. It was definitely a far cry from last year's $57.

Oh and I have to give a shout out to pizza driver Zach and his new blog, Entry Level Life. Same topic, different stories, sure to be interesting!

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