Monday, February 4, 2008

Super Bowl Sunday

Super Bowl Sunday isn't really that busy of a day for us. It's not even as busy as an average Friday night. I drove 6.5 hours, took 13 deliveries, made $32 in tips, and drove ? miles.

Tips were decent, with only 1 stiff, and 2 others of $1 and the change. I did deliver to 2 of my most regular customers, both single old ladies. One lives in a trailer park, loves to talk sports, usually orders a meat lover and a 20 ounce pepsi, pays by credit card, and tips $4 or $5 every time.

The other lives in an apartment, orders pasta, wings, or a personal pizza, prefers Sierra Mist, and pays cash (exact change) and then adds $2 more saying "And here's your tip."

We were so overstaffed that dishes stayed caught up all night long and we did more prep (oiling pans) than necessary. We would have been out about 15 minutes after closing time, but we had some extra pre-made pizzas to toss at the end of the night, and some extra dishes to wash due to this.

I did get into a heated discussion with manager Nick about how he runs the dispatch computer, which (along with not making much money) spoiled my mood for most of the night. Then to top off the night, after we closed, I drove over a curb and blew a tire.

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