Thursday, July 19, 2007

Not Quite A $10,000 Tip . . .

. . . but $20 sure was good! The delivery was on Indiana (again), the same place I had previously gotten $35 and $18, two of my four best tips ever! This time I actually met the woman of the house (who signs the generous credit card tips). She was sitting on her porch talking on the phone. She didn't even stop her conversation, which is kind of rude, but can certainly be overlooked in this case!

I've delivered to this house 3 times now, and have a total of $73 in tips, or $24.33 average tip. I would need to keep up this pace for 408 more deliveries before their total tips would add up to the $10,000 tip earned by Pizza Hut waitress Jessica Osborne a few weeks ago.

Now it has become apparent to me that some members of our company's management team may be reading this blog. (Well I know why, I told our District Manager about it.) Because of this, I feel I need to put out an explanation / disclaimer.

Writing this blog is fun for me. I like my co-workers and generally get along with everyone. Most of what I write here is positive. But, like any other job, sometimes my co-workers get on my nerves. Usually because I'm a hard worker and have higher than average expectations of others.

I really don't want anyone to get in trouble because of anything I write here. But at the same time I don't want to have to change my writing style or filter my stories. I have close to 100 readers daily because I write the truth.

If a manager were to read about something here that they think is inappropriate, they should check it out for themself. Use my writing as a catalyst to investigate, to get to know more about the employees and their work habits. If the observations are similar to mine, then take action. But please don't use my writings as a basis to confront anyone about a specific incident. My blog, of course, can only tell one side of the story.

Ironically, today, I also got a few hits from an Eat'N Park's corporate ISP! Obviously someone found Monday's post. Now, I love Eat'N Park, especially the Smiley Cookies. I'm certainly not holding the action of 1 rogue employee against the entire restaurant chain, and I hope my readers don't either.

I drove 5 hours tonight and had 10 deliveries. I had 3 stiffs but of course the big tip more than made up for it and I ended the night with $38 in tips. All of my runs were singles and there is a road closed downtown, so my mileage was a little high at 49 miles!

The funniest delivery of the night was my very first. There was some confusion with the address so I called the customer as I was on my way. The conversation went something like this:

Pizza Guy: Hello, this is Kevin your pizza driver. I'm calling to confirm your address, do you live on 123 Main Street?

Customer: Yes.

Pizza Guy: And is this apartment number 13?

Customer: Yes. Do you need the phone number?

Pizza Guy: Well I just called you so I'm pretty sure we've got that taken care of.

Customer: Oh, that was a pretty stupid question huh!

Pizza Guy: Honestly, yeah, but I've heard worse. I'm on my way, I'll be there in about 7-8 minutes.

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