Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Stiffed By Eat'n Park Employee!

Well it didn't take me long to figure out what I would be writing about tonight! On my 5th run of the night, I got stiffed by a girl wearing an Eat'n Park uniform and an apron. She appeared to be a waitress!

Now I realize that tipping is not mandatory but it certainly is customary. The order was delivered about 35 minutes after she called, it was shortly after 7 PM, and her home was about 3-4 miles from our store. This was not lightning fast but it was pretty prompt, considering the distance and also that we were still in our "dinner rush" period.

It was very disheartening to be shown this kind of disrespect from another restaurant employee!

I drove for 5 hours tonight, taking 12 deliveries, driving 48 miles, and earning $23 in tips. This is about average for me on a Monday night.

I did stay a little over an hour late doing dishes and cleaning. Manager Nick sent our 3rd-closing driver home around 10 PM with a HUGE stack of dishes still in the dishroom and by the ovens. He was scheduled to leave at 10 but the problem was Nick had already sent our 2nd-closing driver home early, around 7 PM. She was supposed to stay until 11. When she left early, the other driver should have inherited her hours and planned to stay past 10.

Now I don't mind drivers going home, that's more deliveries (and more $$$) for me. But when that happens, if we are busy at all or if the deliveries we do have are far out (as in tonight), someone else has to help with the prep, dishes, and cleaning.

When I noticed the other driver was gone, I asked Nick about it and he commented that "I still have her," referring to our new manager-in-training. Now she seems like a nice girl, but so far the thing I've seen her do the most is to keep the other employees company when they go out back for a smoke break!

At abouut 10:30, I mentioned to Nick that, besides having at least an hour's dishes to do, we had hardly any pans oiled for tomorrow. He did then get to work, himself in the dishroom and our new manager-in-training oiling pans, but it was too little, too late and like I said, we didn't leave until after midnight.

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