Sunday, July 1, 2007


We have 2 different government-subsidized low-income housing projects in our area and both of them are blacklisted. Meaning we do not deliver there. This is for the safety of our drivers.

Somebody called from one of them tonight and tried to order. He was told no. He called back shortly and I answered. He asked for a delivery to the Marathon station. It was well after 11 and it was closed, but it is in walking distance to the housing project.

Of course I told him no, we don't deliver to street corners.

I was assigned 2 other deliveries tonight that were out of our delivery area. This happens because a manager (or anyone with a manager code) can override an address. The first one tipped $5, so I let it go. The 2nd one let me keep $0.93 so when I got back I put a note on their address in our POS system that said "OUT OF AREA - DO NOT DELIVER"

I drove 8 hours tonight, took 19 runs, drove 95 miles, and made $50 in tips. I took 13 singles and just 3 doubles tonight, which is why my mileage is so much higher. It was very nice to have 2 $50 nights in a row!

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