Sunday, July 8, 2007

32 Runs, $73 Tips, 7.5 Hours, 96 miles

What a night!

We only had 2 drivers tonight, Desiree and myself! Steve was supposed to come in around 7 but nobody heard from him.

So in 7.5 hours on the road, I took 32 deliveries, drove 96 miles, and made $73 in tips. This is one of my best nights ever! (I'll try to check my records and find out exactly where it stands).

When you're going that fast, you have less time to dwell on each individual delivery so I don't have any stories tonight. I do have to thank Manager Mike and Cooks Steve & Mona for helping out with the prep and the dishes all night long. If they hadn't stepped up (especially Mona), I'd still be in the dishroom!

Oh yeah and I was back in my Hyundai, thanks to Joe's Garage!

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