Monday, July 23, 2007

Home Early, Part 2

I went home early again tonight. We had 3 drivers and business was pretty slow. I took 2 deliveries right when I got in at 6 PM but then I only took 2 more by 8 PM. I was scheduled to be off at 10 but my boys were at football camp until 8:30 so I asked to leave at 8 so I could pick them up.

I took 4 deliveries in 2 hours, drove 19 miles, and made $10 in tips. I got lucky in that my 3rd delivery was a $5 tip, on a credit card.

My first order was to a convenience / lottery store. As I was going in there was a girl coming out. She asked if I thought my pizzeria would allow her to put out a donations box for Brandon Glass, the Speedway employee who drowned last week. I didn't recognize her at first but it was Pearl, a friend of John's. John is another Speedway cashier and a good friend.

I told her I wasn't sure but I hoped that we could put out a donations box. She said how the family couldn't afford the funeral but his mom was terrified of fire and didn't want to have to have her son cremated.

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