Saturday, July 14, 2007

1 Good Hour, 6 Crappy Hours

Tonight was a night I wished I worked from 6-7 PM instead of 6-close.

In my first hour I took 5 deliveries and made $14 in tips. The rest of the night I took 10 more deliveries and made $19 more in tips. Totals for 7 hours were 15 deliveries, $33 in tips and 60 miles (estimated).

The reason that the mileage is estimated is because my Hyundai overheated again after the first hour tonight. I'm not sure what is wrong, the coolant is still full. One oddity is that when I turned the heater on to help keep the engine cool, the heater blew cold air!

So my wife had to bring me our Taurus for me to finish the night in, and I didn't log the mileage when I started driving the Taurus.

The good thing is that after letting it sit for 6 hours it started and ran ok so I'll be able to drive it to Joe's Garage and have them fix whatever they didn't fix right last time.

Not much of interest on the pizza side today. Rumor is manager Nick cut his finger slicing peppers today and needed 10 stitches. Also, we have 2 more new employees, Justin started Wednesday. He's still on phones but he's training to be a cook. And Chris started today, he is a friend of cook Steve and Chris is a driver.

I close with Chris tomorrow night so hopefully I'll get a chance to teach him the right way to do things.

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