Saturday, July 7, 2007

Fire In The Hole!

Around 11 PM tonight I was standing up front, chatting with manager Nick and waitress Catherine, having completed a "cash drop" at the front register. Catherine pointed excitedly to the Salad Bar and said "What's that?"

Smoke began billowing out of the vents around the cabinet under the salad bar. "It looks like my car!" I joked, referring to when my car overheated a couple weeks ago.

Well then we saw a bright glow coming from one of the vents. Nick walked over and opened one of the cabinet doors and sure enough, there was a fire.

Nick quickly grabbed a fire extinguisher. I cautioned him that it may be an electrical fire and he should make sure he knew what he was doing. He took aim and extinguished the fire. Meanwhile I called 911. Shortly we had 3 firetrucks pull up outside, sirens blaring.

Luckily we had no dine-in customers at the time. We opened all the doors to air out the building and the firemen checked to make sure the fire was out and wasn't going to start back up.

I don't think we had any serious damage, but it sure was exciting for a few minutes.

On the delivery side, I took 18 orders in 7 hours, drove 61 miles, and made $46 in tips. Pretty decent, especially considering that my first 4 orders tipped me a total of $4.21, and my last 2 orders tipped me a total of $0.59. That means I made $41 on those middle 12 orders.

The most frustrating order of the night was one where a discount was applied incorrectly. I fixed the order and marked the price down from $29.07 to $24.33. I told the customer and he (drunk) seemed happy but then only gave me $25.

Just 2 orders later, the customer said "Call the police, that's too much" when I told him the price ($23.07). I laughed and said that's how I felt at the gas station. He then gave me $30 and didn't want change. A very nice $6.93 tip, my best of the night.

Probably the most interesting order was 5 large meatlovers ($65.04). I got there and they were obviously setting up for a big party, with tents, tables, chairs, etc. They gave me a $5 tip and said it was for a wedding tomorrow (7/7/07).

Second most frustrating was my next to last order. The guy handed me $20 for his $19.83 order and said "Keep the change." It was all I could do not to say "17 cents, last of the big spenders huh?"

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Cattiva said...

I'm amazed that people tip so poorly. I am a generous tipper by nature (that and the fact that I waited tables to get through college), but I always give a bit more to the delivery driver. I mean, most of them are in their own car, right?

And certainly, you take your life into your hands just getting out on the road every night!

17 cents? Wow - that's disgusting.