Monday, July 9, 2007

Would You Like Anything To Drink With That?

We have a waitress who no longer works for us, as of last week. I asked one of the shift managers why. Here is what I found out.

We are between GM's and our District Manager Shelly is helping out. Shelly seated a table & got drinks. Waitress then served the table. Shelly cashed them out later and there were no drinks on their check.

Shelly confronted server, who said she was having a bad night and forgot. Same night, Shelly cashes out another customer, same waitress, again no drinks on the ticket. Shelly reviewed this girl's tickets and finds out she has been doing this for about 4 months at least! The waitress was fired the next day.

Now to me, the thing that doesn't make sense is, why? Did the waitress think that by not charging for drinks, she was saving the customer money that they would then give back to her as a tip?

She couldn't have been printing the ticket WITH drinks and then deleting them, because in our POS system, voiding an item requires manager approval and this would have shown up on a report long ago.

I expect more often than not the customer didn't even notice and the tip was actually lower because the bill was lower.

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