Saturday, June 30, 2007

Smallest Credit Card Tip

I got my lowest ever credit card tip today. The order was for $29.55, to a trailer park, and the customer actually wrote 0.45 in the tip line. I don't know what else to say about that.

I had not one but two incidents tonight where streets were numbered strangely and I couldn't find a house.

The first one, I found house 1 and 3 and my delivery was to house 5. Next one over right? Nope, two over. What comes between 3 and 5 when the evens are on the other side of the road? Beats me, it wasn't numbered! But I did spend several minutes knocking!

Later, I had a trailer park delivery to house 2. This section is a cul-de-sac at the end of the street. 4 and 6 are on the left and 9, 7, and 5 are on the right. Number 2 should be right beside 4 right? Nope, it's 2 over from 4. House # 236 is in between. Who would have guessed?

I did have a pretty good night. I worked 7 hours, took 18 deliveries, drove 76 miles, and made $53 in tips. My best tip was almost my worst. Again at a trailer park, the order was $17.07. I heard female voices coming from inside, saying they weren't sure if they had enough money and they needed to borrow from their aunt. Then a young man in his late teens / early 20's came to the door.

He held out a $100 and asked if I could break it. Usually I can't but at that time I could. I handed him 4 $20's and he said to keep the rest ($2.93) and handed me another $5. Very cool!

I felt like I was on the road with far deliveries all night long. My only close single was my last run, about 15 minutes before we left. I had one other close double, all the rest of my trips were far, far away.

I took 5 singles, 5 doubles, and 1 triple. Without all the multi-run trips, my miles would have been awfully high!

I checked the fuel economy for my Taurus again. I drove 153 miles on 5.5 gallons of gas, 27.8 MPG! Even better than last time I checked!

Desiree had to show me what she got new today. It was a "Offender" ID card issued by the jail since she is on probation. I've never seen or heard of one before, but Desiree told me all the times she has to carry it, plus she isn't allowed to be in a vehicle with another person who has an "Offender" card!

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Disgruntled Driver said...

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