Sunday, June 3, 2007

She's A Baker

One of the funniest things we when it is slow at work is read job applications. Not that it was slow tonight but there was a hilarious app on top of the clipboard today. The girl's last name was "Baker." Under previous job history, she has worked at Panera Bread. Guess what she did there? She was a baker. Before that she worked at the grocery store, Giant Eagle. Her job title once again? Baker.

Tonight was Steve's last night. Steve is a great guy and a hard worker. This was a 2nd job for him so he only worked a couple nights a week, but he will surely be missed.

I had a pretty good night tonight. It would have been even better if business hadn't slowed down so much in the final 4 hours.

I worked 7.5 hours, took 15 deliveries, drove 49 miles, and made $39 in tips.

Best of all the Cavs beat the Pistons and are going to the NBA Finals!

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