Monday, June 4, 2007

Substitute Sunday

I went in at 4 today because I was working Desiree's shift. There were only 2 other drivers, Mike and Melissa, and Mike left at 6. We were not busy at all, I was in the store an hour before I took my 1st delivery. Around 8 PM we started to get busy and we stayed fairly busy until the end of the night.

This is typical of summer weekend days. People work in the yard, play with their kids, or do whatever they do until later than usual. They don't have the 5PM end-of-the-work-day to tell them when to eat. And when they do get hungry, they are tired, and more often will treat themselves to a pizza. Add in the fact that when it's hot, they don't want to turn their oven on and cook anything themselves, and you'll see why I like working the later shifts on summer weekends.

I did get 3 stiffs tonight out of 16 runs, but I also had 9 tips of above $3.

My last run was to server Stacy, who was actually supposed to be working but called off because she partied too hard the night before and didn't wake up until after 4PM today! Some people were a little upset that she didn't come in, and then had the courage to call in for her discount, but she tipped well so I forgive her :)

I worked 7.5 hours, took 16 deliveries, drove 58 miles, and made $50 in tips!

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