Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Third Biggest Tip Ever

I got lucky tonight and was up for delivery when the order came up for XXX Indiana.

I blogged about this a few months ago, when driver Desiree got an $11 tip there and told how this was the site of my biggest tip ever, $35.

Tonight they had a $71 order and added a tip of $18 on the credit card. That's officially my 2nd largest tip that I have ever collected.

I did have a really good night tonight, I worked 5 hours and took 13 deliveries. I drove just 33 miles and earned a total of $45 in tips. So that's $27 in tips for the other 12 orders, which is a decent night, but the big one really put me over the top!

When I gassed up at the end of the night, I checked the MPG on my Taurus. I got 23.4 miles per gallon. Not too bad for a bigger car.

I had 2 other deliveries worth commenting on, my first delivery of $7.58. First of all we aren't even supposed to accept delivery orders under $8. But it was just a few blocks away so I didn't make a big deal of it.

But when I got to the door, the teenager handed me a handful of dimes, along with 4 quarters. I wasn't sure about the amount so I told him we had to count them, also I asked for a baggie to put them in. There were 73 dimes, so he actually was giving me an extra 72 cents.

I don't consider anything under $1 to be a tip, but I guess on a $7 order it isn't that awful. But if you are paying with change, the best thing to do is roll it so it's clear how much it is!

Then later in the night, I had an order of $35.56. The guy answered the door with 3 preschool kids in tow. It was all he could do to keep the kids in the house and he actually dropped the pizzas! I helped to catch them against the door, but they did flip onto their side.

He paid with 2 $20's and I went to hand him back $4 change but he said "I guess you can keep it since it's not my money."

Mighty generous of him!

Finally, we had a huge storm tonight then a couple hours later our computers went down. Manager Nick was having to do the closing numbers by hand. Luckily I write down all my delivery amounts so I was basically able to calculate my own check-out. And Nick trusts me so he knew it was correct.

Also, thanks to driver Amber who left early tonight as she wasn't feeling well, then came back later when Mike and I were very busy with deliveries, and helped with dishes!

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