Monday, June 25, 2007

Making Change

One of the most challenging parts of pizza delivery is keeping the correct amount of money in your "bank." A driver's "bank" is his money that he carries to make change with. We start the night with a $15 bank provided by the store, one $5 and ten $1's.

Drivers are encouraged to "drop" money regularly so as to not become a target for theft. I make drops whenever I accumulate a large amount, and whenever I am heading to a dangerous neighborhood, especially after dark.

Tonight my first delivery was a credit card order with a credit card tip. Thus I didn't even touch my bank. (We get out tips at the end of the night).

Next was a $14.08 order. The customer paid with $20.08 and got $3 back for a $3 tip. Now my bank had one $20, one $5, and seven $1's.

Next order was $19.58. The customer paid with $22 for a $2.42 tip. Now my bank had two $20's, one $5, and nine $1's.

Next order was a triple. The middle order of the triple was a credit card, but if I would have thought about it, I should have changed one of my $20's. But I didn't.

The first customer paid with a $50 (and 8 cents) for an order of $17.08. I owed him back $33 so that took one $20, one $5, and eight $1's. He gave me back $4 as a tip. Now my bank was one $50, one $20, and five $1's.

The final order of the triple was $23.55. Sure enough, the customer paid with two $20's. I owed him $16 as change but all I had was big bills and five $1's. I had to drive up to the end of the block to a drive-through beverage store and ask for change.

They were nice enough to make change, but I hate having to do that. It looks bad to the customer and it's a waste of my time.

Totals for the night, 5 hours driving, 11 deliveries, 40 miles, $27 in tips. Pretty good night for a Monday.

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