Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Cavs Owner Gilbert Delivers 78 Pies

This story about Cleveland Cavs owner Dan Gilbert describes how he delivered a record 78 pizzas in 1 night.

"Keep in mind, all forces had to converge at the same time for a number such as this to be achieved," Gilbert wrote Saturday in an e-mail response to a follow-up question. "Perfect low humidity, crystal clear night. Light traffic. Good luck on the green (and yellow) light timing. Lots of deliveries came in 'clusters' of close by houses at roughly the same time. And for some reason almost everybody had their money ready, which is rare. (It's very frustrating for a Pizza Guy to wait at your door for several precious minutes when he knows he has other deliveries in his car and that food is getting cold while you go and look for your money when you had a good 45-60 minutes to do that before he rang your doorbell!)"

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