Monday, April 2, 2007

Buckeyes Lose

I worked only 4 1/2 hours tonight. I left around 10:30, just after halftime ended, and came home and watched the end of the game. My Buckeyes played hard but the difference in the game seemed to be the outside shooting.

Congratulations to stepson Nathan for winning our contest!

Not much interesting during my 7 deliveries tonight. The Daylight Savings bug appears to be resolved, computers were operating normally.

I did see 2 people we knew from church. First was John, who was chatting across his backyard to a neighbor who had ordered pizza. Next was Jason & Debbie, who we were in a class with a year ago. They were dine-in customers.

Tyler swapped deliveries with me at one point tonight. He asked to take a specific order because he had taken the phone order and thought the girl sounded cute. He returned quite disappointed.

Remember last week when I wrote about giving away breadsticks to a customer that never tipped? Well Desiree had that customer tonight and they tipped her $1 and the change. And she said she also had them over the weekend and they tipped $2 and the change. So my good will seems to have helped!

Tonights totals were 4.5 hours, 7 deliveries, $19 in tips, and 26 miles driven. I'm surprised we weren't a little busier, but I'm glad I was able to watch some of the game, even though Ohio State lost.

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