Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Potty Break

A few weeks ago my nephew Zorlod wrote about his potty break experience. Mine is a little different.

Last night my mother, baby son, and I drove out to see my other 3 children's school program. Afterwards I took my kids for a trip to the ice cream stand. While we were eating, my 6-year old daughter had to go to the bathroom. Unfortunately the ice cream stand didn't have their bathroom open.

I looked around and just 2 doors down was a franchise of the same pizza place I work for. My mother stayed with the other 3 kids while my daughter and I walked over to use their bathroom.

I always feel guilty using the bathroom when I'm not a customer. And I know at our shop, it is job of the waitress to clean the bathroom. So I sought out the waitress and gave her a $ tip. Also I asked who owned their franchise and neither the waitress nor the manager seemed to know.

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