Friday, April 6, 2007

Innaugural Carnival Of Pizza

Welcome to the April 6, 2007 edition of carnival of pizza. This is the first ever carnival of pizza, but judging by the number and quality of entries, it sure won't be the last! We are going to attempt to publish this on the first Friday of every month.


First off, The Travelin' Man tells the story of A Day In the Shadows of the Brooklyn Bridge posted at STuff You Oughta Know. This post includes a review of Grimaldi's Pizzeria, which he calls "the BEST pizza, in a pizza-lovin' town."

Next, Steve Madsen reviews Seattle's Serious Pie posted at South Bank Projects, saying, "A serious pizza place for urban professionals." I'm not sure serious and pizza belong in the same sentence, but this place sounds interesting. If I ever find myself in the Pacific Northwest, I'm definitely eating here!

KevinL presents Friday Pizza Review - Marco's posted at Family Of Nine, saying, "a simple family-review of dinner from this pizza chain." Yes, that's me, but it's from another blog so I decided to include it here.

Finally, just sneaking in under the deadline, is Jon. Now That’s a JUMBO Slice of Pizza!! describes getting a slice at Pizza Mart. Jon posts at The DC Traveler.

Saving Money

In a category all his own, savingadvice gives us Easy Ways To Save On Pizza posted at Personal Finance Advice. There is lots of good advice here. As a delivery driver, I shouldn't really support the "Pick-up" or "Homemade" selections, but if you don't have the $ to tip the driver, please choose one of these options.

Top 10 Lists

Ted Reimers has a list, the Top 10 Cheap Foods/Drinks for the College Student posted at CampusGrotto. Ted says, "Pizza is part of the typical college diet." It sure was for me! We had a Little Caesars less than a mile away. Pizza! Pizza!

Sagar Satapathy lists the Top 10 Most Expensive Restaurants in the World posted at Credit Card Lowdown. I'm not sure which of those restaurants serve pizza, but it's an interesting list, so we'll include it in our carnival. Not many college students dining at any of those spots, that's for sure.


Stephanie presents My New Stand By Meal - Pizza posted at Stop the Ride!. Stephanie describes the benefits of "quick and easy" meals and includes her favorite pizza recipe. Sounds like a good idea for busy moms!

Michelle Mitchell gives us a recipe for Pesto-Cheese Pizza posted at scribbit. A Blog About Motherhood in Alaska. Michelle provides us with a recipe for "Mrs. Green Cheese Pizza." It looks delicious!

Do you want to make your own pizza sauce? muse presents No pot tomato sauce! posted at me-ander. In this recipe, Muse explains how to make tomato sauce in the microwave. Sounds like a good time-saver!

Do you want your pizza to be more healthy? Andrea shares the recipe for Organic Pizza posted at Buy Organic. If you want organic pizza, you better know how to make it yourself because I doubt your local pizzeria has this recipe!

And after you're done eating, what should you do with the leftovers? Jane Maynard explains in This Week for Dinner: Leftover Pizza posted at This Week for Dinner..., saying, "Whenever you have pizza, store-bought or homemade, you inevitably have leftovers that never taste as good. Find out how to reheat your leftover pizza so it tastes like it just came out of the oven! It will change your life!"

Delivery Stories

D tells of the dreaded Keep-the-Changers posted at Stop the Ride!. D is a fellow delivery driver just trying to make (at least) a buck!

And finally I've included my favorite story from my own blog, The Journey Of A Quarter.

That concludes this edition. Submit your blog article to the next edition of
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scribbit said...

What could be a better carnival than one wholly about my favorite food?

Tonight we're headed out to the best pizza place in town where I can eat my fill of wild mushroom pizza with goat cheese. I dream about that stuff.

Thanks for putting this together.