Sunday, April 22, 2007

Good Weather, Bad For Business

Good weather outside is bad for pizza business.

For one, people who do order are more apt to come pick it up themselves in good weather than they are when it is cold or rainy outside.

Second, people are outside and away from home more. On the first few warm weekends of the year (and this was one), people will be outside working in the yard, cleaning the garage, washing the car, or doing various other outdoor tasks. They don't come in and think about dinner until much later than the time they usually seem to get hungry for pizza in the winter.

So anyways, today was a pretty slow day. I got a $4+ tip on my first run and almost $6 on my 7th and final run, but I worked just 4 hours (5-9). I asked to be sent home early, and my wish was granted. The 2 good tips I got made it a decent night, $21 total. Mileage for the night was 25.

The most interesting delivery was to a house right next to the local Pizza Pan franchise!

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