Monday, April 23, 2007

New Headlights

The highlight of my night tonight was going to Advance Auto Parts and getting a new headlight bulb, turn-signal bulb, and a new (screw-on) antenna. When I bought the car the antenna was broken off. I hadn't listened to many of my CD's in a long time so I was happy to have a radio with a CD player, but now that baseball season is underway I wanted to get the radio working. Total cost was around $18.

Now I don't carry my own money with me to work, but at the time I stopped and got the headlight I had taken 4 deliveries and had $7 in tips. So I was confident I would earn enough $ to pay back the $ I spent from my bank.

Well on my next 3 deliveries I earned a grand total of $0.08 in tips!

Around 9:30 I needed to make another $4 and I was getting concerned.

Desiree went home early so I got the next run and made $1.42 plus my $1.05 for mileage. I did the exact math and I still needed another $1.32.

For about an hour the phone didn't ring. Then finally about 10 minutes before close, I answered the phone, and it was indeed a delivery. I never was happier to earn a $1.42 tip!

Totals for the day were 5 hours, 9 deliveries, 37 miles, and $10.20.

1 comment:

MacGyver021 said...

and we will never forget how that antenna got hoocked up... custom job by yours truely.

and no duct tape needed!