Sunday, April 15, 2007


No not me, but there was a big accident at the intersection in front of our shop tonight sometime around 11 PM. A SUV appeared to have hit a sedan. There were numerous ambulances, fire trucks, rescue squads, and of course police. They got things cleaned up pretty quickly.

I worked 8 hours tonight, took 17 deliveries (including 3 reruns), drove 56 miles, and made $31 in tips. A pretty crummy night, not to mention it started snowing around 7 PM.

Not many interesting deliveries tonight. There was one delivery that was on the edge of our delivery are across from a new development. They are technically outside the area but we deliver to the development so I guess we deliver to this house.

I had taken their first (and only) previous order and mentioned that they were right on the edge. They gave a good tip so I decided they were in. They ordered again tonight, $17.57, and I took the phone order and confirmed that they were definitely in the delivery area.

When I arrived the man of the house met me at the door with $22, a $4+ tip. As I was leaving, his wife handed him another dollar to give to me. "Thanks, Keep 'em coming!" I joked.

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Mr. Disgruntled said...

Haha ... just wanted to let you know I really like the blog!

As it is somewhat related, you might appreciate my blog! Cheers!

Mr. Disgruntled