Sunday, April 22, 2007

HD Radio?

I was trying to listen to the mash-up show on the radio tonight but somebody broke the antenna off Wardo's radio. I leaned a 2-foot wire whisk against it and it actually came in pretty good for a while! Nick took a picture and I will post it when I get it.

We were pretty slow tonight, typical for a the first few nice-weather Saturdays. People tend to stay outside later and eat later, and maybe even cook out on the grill.

I worked 8 hours, took just 14 deliveries, but did make almost a $3 average ($41 total) while driving 56 miles.

One interesting delivery was to a guy who gave me a $20 for his $11.58 order and asked for a $5 back. I didn't have a $5 so I told him hopefully 5 $1's would be ok. "Stripper money" he replied.

One that was not so good was to an apartment complex right behind the store. I got there in about 15 minutes after they ordered and the woman claimed to have forgotten that she ordered pizza. A guy walked up silently and stopped on the sidewalk several steps away. The woman was digging through her purse to find the money and eventually she borrowed $2 from this guy, who then went in her house. It was a weird situation. She paid exact change, one of 2 stiffs on the night.

Everybody else tipped at least $2 which was cool.

Oh and the last guy of the night gave me his card and offered to sell me a car. I'd never had that happen before!

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