Tuesday, April 3, 2007

Bank Error In Your Favor, Collect $30

This story is from a long time ago, no names will be used so as to not incriminate anyone involved.

Once upon a time, I had a delivery for about $40. There were 2 pizzas, wings, cheesesticks, and Pepsi. I arrived at the customer's and they wanted to pay by check, which we don't accept now and didn't accept back then either.

They were unable to pay cash or credit card by phone, so I headed back to the car. Just then another car arrived and the guy called out, "Hey, that's for that house right there."

"Not tonight it's not, they can't pay," I replied.

He asked how much it was, and then asked if he could buy just part of it. I listed out the itemized prices and he paid for 1 pizza and cheesesticks. He gave me a $20 and made sure he got his $2 back in change. No tip and no delivery fee.

I called back to the manager on duty and started to tell him. He said he had already voided out the order. I paused. That meant he didn't expect any $ back from me. And I already had $18!

I asked if he minded if I gave it away. He said, "That's fine, if you can make a buck on it, great."

It was late at night, so I paused to think where I might find someone hungry. I remembered a bar where the bartender had ordered several times in the past year. I headed there, but there was a different bartender working that night.

"Who ordered the pizza?" he called out as I entered.

"Nobody" was my response as I sat at a stool at the bar. I explained that this was extra and asked his permission to try to sell it. He smiled and said that was ok. By now the man 2 stools over was interested. I explained that I had a pizza and wings and wanted just $10 for it. He said he wanted half-price. I told him it was about $25 worth of food, it was already half-price. He excitedly gave me $12.

So all in all I made a quick $30. This doesn't occur very often, but it sure is exciting and fun when it happens!

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