Sunday, April 1, 2007

"See You Guys Again Yesterday"

We had a computer glitch right at closing time tonight. Our main computer was fine but all of our terminals got their date messed up. Instead of saying it was 4/1, they said it was 3/31.

The first symptom was that I went to log in and it said I was not clocked in. Nobody was! But on the main computer everyone was. The problem is, the main computer can't be used to take orders, print delivery tickets, dispatch drivers, pay checks, or anything like that.

Mike (the other driver) had a delivery he was not dispatched on yet. The order wasn't printed. It's a good thing Nick remembered the phone number or Mike would not have known where to go at all.

I don't know how Ward checked Mike out when he got back. Mike wasn't dispatched on the order and it wasn't paid so the computer in the back would have had no way to know that Mike had the cash for that order!

We're not sure if this is a daylight-savings-time related bug, as this would have taken effect the first Sunday in April (today) before the recent change.

Meanwhile, I had a pretty solid night tip-wise. In 6 hours work, I took 9 deliveries, drove 51 miles, and made $32 in tips. I had several deliveries of note:
  • $72 in pizza to a fantasy baseball draft being held at the local catholic high school. They tipped $8 but then seemed a little surprised that I didn't bring napkins. Hey I can bring napkins, Parmesan cheese packets, red pepper packets, maybe even paper plates, but please ask for them when you call.
  • A $5 tip on a $15 order on a 12-mile round trip. Good tips on long deliveries are appreciated!
  • A $5 tip on a $21 order to a guy putting together a swing set for his kids. As I was walking away I saw a cat and said "Hey kitty kitty" and the guy mumbled "hit it, please."
  • A $4 tip on a $11 (discounted) order to a co-worker watching Wrestlemania 23, just out of our delivery area. We took it anyways.
  • A $1 tip on a $21 order at easily the most expensive home I delivered to all night.

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