Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Dynamic Soundstage Organizer

I thought about posting "just the facts" tonight but I know my readers expect more.

So I do have a few anecdotes to relay. But first, the facts. I worked 5 hours, took 9 deliveries, made $17 in tips, and drove 30 miles.

One delivery was to an apartment building across the street. I knocked on the door and the woman answered, saying "Oh I canceled that." Well she didn't, she told our manager she would have to go to the bank for money and would see us when she got back.

She's ordered at least 27 times so I'm sure we will keep delivering to her :(

I was trying to listen to the Cavs game on my radio but it was coming in horrible. I started playing with some buttons. I hit a button labeled "DSO" and it came in much clearer after that. A quick review of the manual shows that DSO stands for Dynamic Soundstage Organizer and it has to do with where the speakers are located, or something like that. I'll read more about it tomorrow.

Nick was excited because he got to spray bug spray on an ant colony tonight.


MacGyver021 said...

Kevin, this is a far cry from a guest blogger, but it will haveto do...

and it was 3 colonies!!

and i told you it was for your speakers... or lack there of

VictoriaL said...

I have to confess I'm probably the one who hit the dso button to begin with on Friday night. It was dark and I couldn't figure out how to switch the band from am to fm. So I just started pushing buttons, then it got all warped and I forgot to tell you til now.
Love from your wife.