Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Stopping By

I was in court on Tuesday for a custody hearing for my kids. The trial was continued until July so nothing was decided.

I did stop in at my pizzeria later in the afternoon to speak with GM Rick about my schedule. He was on the phone for about an hour so I hung out, talked with driver Mark about his recent trip to Florida, took a few phone orders, cut a few pizzas, spoke with a prospective driver/cook who came in to fill out an application, and even folded a few boxes. All off the clock.

When I finally got to talk to Rick, he said it was no problem for me to have Friday off. So my next night to work is Saturday.

Rick did ask me about why we were so late in getting out on Monday, reminded me to always take the oldest order (which I do). I'm there to make money, but I'm always fair to other drivers.


Anthony said...

Wow, interesting blog. I was dropped in by BM. I wish you the best of luck on your future hearing on custody.

Divorce Journey

KevinL said...

Thanks. My family blogs are on a semi-hiatus due to the pending custody issues.