Thursday, May 31, 2007


I almost never remember my dreams. But last night I had one of the most vivid and memorable dreams I have ever had.

For some reason I was in southern Ohio (maybe Columbus area) and had to return home to the Cleveland area. But my pizzeria where I work was at this other place. Let's just call it Columbus, even though that's not really clear in my memory. Incidentally, our GM Rick, in real life, is moving to Virginia but almost moved to Columbus.

Anyhow I was supposed to work at this Columbus place but I needed to drive home. Somehow we worked out a deal where I would load up my car with pizzas to sell door-to-door on my way home.

Meanwhile my family wanted me to bring them home some Chinese food so my front seat was full of Chinese and my back seat had several 2-liters of pop. (Notice anything missing, I didn't in my dream).

So I started on my way and I remember (in my dream) throwing newspapers onto people's porches, from my moving vehicle. I kept hoping they would hear the newspaper land and come to the door wanting pizza.

Finally I found a customer and asked if he wanted any pizza. "Load me up with Dew and Pepsi," was his response.

"How about pizza?" I asked.

"Can you come back in about an hour?" he wanted to know.

After I explained that I could not, he started asking about specials and special orders. I was telling him that he had to choose from what I had in the car, when I realized that I didn't have any pizza in my car!

I ran out to my car to check and sure enough, all I had was the Chinese and the pop. I offered him the Chinese food but he thought it would probably be too cold.

I then started pondering how I could get some pizzas to sell on the rest of my way home, and when I awoke I was still trying to come up with a plan.

What a weird dream!

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