Monday, May 28, 2007

Memorial Monday

My day-job was off today so I went in at 5 instead of my usual Monday start-time of 6 PM. The day-driver Desiree quickly left, leaving just Kristie and I as drivers, Nick as manager, and Jeannie as waitress and cook. Desiree had only taken 5 deliveries from 11-5 today.

My first 3 deliveries were unique as they were all single pizza orders, all on credit-card, and all added a $2 tip on the card. My 4th order broke the streak in a bad way, paying exact change for his $11.83 order, including 2 $5's, 10 dimes, 3 quarters, a nickel, and 3 pennies.

Also interesting tonight was a double of 2 $30+ orders, both paid by credit card, one tipped me a single $1 on the card and the other tipped $2 cash.

Hopefully these, and one other stiff later in the night, were the exception not the norm tonight. I had 7 tips of $3 or more including 2 tips of $5. All in all I took 18 deliveries in 6 hours, made $45 in tips, and drove 68 miles.

The excitement of the night was shortly after 9PM when I returned from a delivery to find a shouting match going on inside the store. Kristie, apparently used to hard-working Mona as cook, was chastising Jeannie for not helping with the dishes. In Jeannie's defense, she was working 2 jobs (server and cook) tonight. But on the other hand, Jeannie doesn't help much in the dishroom even when she is just the cook.

"Dishes are everybody's job," I was taught the night I started almost 3 years ago, "but most people seem to think dishes are the job of the drivers." And sure enough, 3 years later, drivers do even more dishes than when I started. Servers used to be responsible for washing the salad bar dishes, but that hasn't happened in over 2 years.

Anyways, back to tonight's fight. I brought up that even Steve takes care of his own make-table dishes when he is the cook. "I'm not Steve" was Jeannie's reply. Which led to a back-and-forth between Jeannie and Kristie about which one had a boyish body (Jeannie) and a boyish haircut (Kristie).

Luckily for all involved, the argument didn't escalate any further than that.

My problem for this week is that I forgot to request my days off and GM Rick did the schedule a day early, and now I'm scheduled to work the night of soccer tryouts and both nights that I have my kids this week. Nick called him at home about it but I'm going to have to stop in sometime this week to get my schedule straightened out.

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