Thursday, May 24, 2007

That's Alot Of Lettuce

Tonight I drove 5 hours, delivered 12 orders, drove 46 miles (for deliveries, more on that later), and made $27 in tips. My average order was much larger than last time, almost $20 per order!

The most interesting order was a guy who met me on the balcony of his 2nd floor apartment, handed the money down, and had me pass the food up.

The only person who did not tip was the last order of the night.

Around 10 pm we got a pre-order for tomorrow from the local hospital for about 20-some pizzas, 10 orders of breadsticks, and 70-some carry-out salads. The salad is the most challenging item and Manager Nick sent me to a neighboring store to borrow a case of lettuce. We're still not sure we have enough.

The store I went to was 12 miles away, so for the 24 mile round trip, I asked for 6 extra runs (since my average run is 4 miles). Right now we get $1.05 per run, gas is skyrocketing but our per-run money has not been adjusted in weeks.

I figure I use my car for deliveries when I have a chance to get tipped, but I really don't want to have to use my car and my gas to be the errand-boy. Especially when we're still busy, as being out on an errand means I'm getting skipped over for any deliveries we may have.

Then I had to stay about an hour late while Nick made the extra dough for the large order tomorrow.

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