Sunday, May 27, 2007

Pitchfork Of The Devil?

We have a sale on hand-tossed pizzas. Sometimes while in the oven, these pizzas develop bubbles in the crust. When the bubbles rise, they push the toppings off, leaving a bare spot on the pizzas.

We now have a 6-foot stick with 2 metal prongs on the end, for reaching into the oven and popping the bubbles.

Manager Ady told us tonight that that cook Mona called it the "pitchfork of the devil." Our GM Rick had the fork in his hand and asked Mona "Does that mean I'm the devil?"

"Well, you're holding it," was Mona's witty reply.

Two funny things happened on my deliveries tonight. First I had a delivery of a meat-lover pizza. The customer's young daughter, probably 2-3 years old, accompanied her dad to the door. "Do you like pizza?" I asked her.

"I like mushrooms" she said. I laughed and said "Well you must not have called in the order then," because of course our meat-lover pizza does not include mushrooms. Her dad laughed also.

The other funny thing was a delivery to a house. When the customer came to the door, I heard a strange "yap yap yap yaaaaap" coming from inside the house. I looked in, expecting to see a bird. Instead, in the kitchen, behind a baby-gate, I saw a medium sized dog. The dog made the noise again and the woman laughed.

Everyone says the way to increase tips is to compliment the customer's kids, house, lawn, cars, and pets. But I couldn't help what came out of my mouth next.

"How did you teach him to talk like a chicken?"

The customer cracked up and gave me $15 for her $12.58 order.

All in all I took 18 deliveries in 6 hours, and made $38 in tips. I drove 66 miles on the night. Thanks to driver Melissa and manager Nick for letting me leave in time to get home to watch the last minute of the Cavs playoff win over the Pistons with my son.

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