Monday, February 26, 2007

Want To Drive 12 Miles For 4 Cents?

Neither do I. But I did tonight.

As usual, I delivered pizza on Sunday from 5-close. In my 6 hour shift, I took 18 deliveries, drove 69 miles, and earned $37 in tips. All in all a pretty good night, mostly because Tyler called off (car trouble) and we were short a driver.

The most frustrating by far was 2 orders to the same house (different people were paying) at the far end of our delivery area, over 6 miles away (each way). A guy paid by credit card and a girl wanted to pay by check but we don't accept checks.

The guy left the tip and total blank and signed the slip. I told him he had to fill in the total, and he did, $23.56 (still with no tip). The girl rounded up some change and ended up giving me $18.61 for her $18.57 order. So I drove 12 miles and delivered over $40 worth of pizza for 4 cents, plus $2 for gas (since there were 2 orders).

The very next order I delivered was less than a block away and gave me $17 for their $14.68 order.

At one house, a pre-school girl told her mom that she saw me on tv. That was kind of neat, obviously she saw a pizza commercial but it sure wasn't me. At another house, a raspy-voiced woman told me I must be new as she hadn't seen me before. Strange, I have more seniority by far than any of our other drivers except Mark (who works days).

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