Friday, February 9, 2007

Schedule Changes

Our schedule gets posted on Tuesday (usually) and runs from Wednesday to the next Tuesday. Since this is a 2nd job for me, I only have certain days and times that I am available to work. Our GM is very good about meeting my schedule requests, so I pretty much know when I will be working. However, most people either stop in or call in on Tuesday to find out their schedules.

This week I had a dilema. I was scheduled to work on Sunday night 5-close but then on Tuesday (after the schedule was posted) I found out that I won Cleveland Cavaliers tickets to Sunday's 3:30 game against the LA Lakers.

Immediately I called our GM and asked if there was any way I could get that night off or switch with someone. Well we have a driver in Texas, another who already requested off, and 2 others that already had 40 hours scheduled. (We're not supposed to work overtime unless it is approved.)

We discussed it and figured that the only way it would work was:

1) Manager Alison, working as a driver that night from 4-9, would have to be able to stay until close.
2) Driver Mike, off on Sunday, would have to be able to work from 4-7.
3) I would have to pick up at least 3 of Mike's hours as he already had 40 scheduled.

Well I stopped up at the store when Mike and Alison were both working on Wednesday night, after my soccer league meeting, and explained the situation with each of them. Both were happy to help me out.

Thanks guys!

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