Tuesday, February 6, 2007

Dry Your Hands ... Before Taking Out The Trash

I started this blog so that I could write about the interesting things that happen while out on delivery. But the last few weeks have been pretty boring. Partly because the weather is freezing (single digits the last 2 nights) and the transaction at the customer's door is handled as quickly as possible, for both parties involved.

I did have a good night Monday night, much better, both per hour and per delivery, than the (Super Bowl) night before. I took 11 deliveries and made $33 in tips. The lowest tip was $2 and that was a $21 order less than 4 blocks from the restaurant. I had a $5 and two $4 tips, and everything else was in the $2.50 - $3.50 range. Even the neighborhoods wher you don't expect much of a tip were generous last night.

So anyways one of the driver duties is to take out the trash at the end of the night and toss it in the dumpster. We have 3 big trashcans throughout the store. They usually aren't that heavy except when we throw out alot of dough.

We throw out dough that has been prepared the night before or that morning, but was not used during the day, due to slower than expected business. Last night was one of those nights. We have a new advertising promotion that hasn't quite caught on yet, so the trash by the make table (where pizzas are made) was pretty full.

Nick (the cook last night) volunteered to help me take it out. On the way out, he mentioned that he couldn't touch any metal, because his hands were wet, and he was afraid they would freeze to the metal.

The dumpster was pretty full so instead of throwing it in the sliding door of the dumpster, we had to throw it over the top. No problem. But the bag was so full that it didn't immediately fall out of the trash can, so we had to wiggle the (upside down) trash can to dislodge it. I slipped trying to step up the side of the dumpster, so Nick gave it a try. As he grabbed the top of the dumpster he screamed, "OUCH, METAL!"

He got the trash bag to fall but then on his way down he inadvertently grabbed the side of the dumpster again for support. When he got inside you could see the marks on his hand from where he had touched the metal.

While writing this, I was looking on snopes to find support for the urban legend of freezing your tongue to the basketball pole on the playground, as seen in the classic movie, A Christmas Story. I didn't find it, but I did find this amusing story. I guess it's a good thing Nick didn't have to pee.


MacGyver021 said...

kevin, this is the second time ive appeared in your blogging site, and im sure ill make many more.

also. ill be sure to help with the trash anytime.


KevinL said...

Don't let the fame get to your head, Nick.