Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Came Home Early

We were not very busy tonight and Mona had the dishes all caught up so I got to come home about an hour early. I took 9 deliveries, drove 35 miles, and made $21 in tips. All 8 customers that paid tipped at least $2.

Gas has gone back up the past couple weeks so my per-run reimbursement went back up from $0.95 to $1.00 even.

Only 2 interesting deliveries tonight. One early in the night had in the notes section of the delivery ticket "Next to Pizza Pan." And it was! I always smile when I'm taking an order that is within walking distance of our competition, it means that for some reason they like us better.

My final trip of the night was to a house on a street in the bad section of town. Order was $17.71 and I wasn't expecting a tip, I even had the 29 cents counted out in my hand as I walked to the door. A woman answered and seemed surprised to see me.

The woman spoke to someone in the house and said that they had called back to cancel the order. Well I had left the store 16 minutes after the order was placed so they sure took their time. I let them know that we could refuse deliveries in the future. And with my wonderful manager's permission, I put a note in the system on their address that they had refused to pay and future orders should be pick up only, no delivery.

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