Monday, February 12, 2007

Short Slow Night, Party Tipper

I worked late Friday night. I went in around 10 and worked until close (1 AM). I had to do this so that Mike could switch with me on Sunday (and not go over 40 hours) so that I could go to the Cavs game with my son.

It was a pretty slow night, I only had 3 deliveries. The first one tipped $2, the 2nd one tipped $2.43 on a $27.57 order. The last one was another $27.57 order. I got there and it was a business (Chiropractor) in a big old house that was obviously closed. I could hear loud music coming from upstairs.

I knocked a few times and called the number, no answer. I finally decided to (cautiously) walk around the back of the building to see if there was a 2nd entrance to the upstairs apartment.

I found a doorway in the back that led to a stairwell that led up to the music. Stairwells are notorious places for punks to hid out and try to rob the pizza guy, so I proceeded very cautiously. Got upstairs and knocked on the door for a long time, the party was kind of loud.

Eventually after hearing "hey I think someone's knocking on the door", "don't just puke anywhere", and "I think the cops are trying to shut us down", a girl in her early 20's named Rachel came to the door. She handed me $35 for the food and said to keep the change.

That $7.43 tip gave me almost $12 in tips for my 3 hour shift, which ended up giving me a better than expected night. Thanks Rachel!

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