Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Ordering Pizza For Delivery - A How To Guide

Today's post will list some tips for the customer on how to order pizza for delivery. If you follow these instructions, you will have a better chance of getting your order made correctly and delivered quickly.

Before Calling:
  • Know what you want: Talk it over with your friends or family before you call and decide what toppings you want to order. Long delays while you decide in the background may lead to being put on hold at busy times or when multiple lines are ringing.
  • Find your coupons: Give your coupon information over the phone when you make the call. Some places will accept "surprise" coupons at the door but often this will force the driver to call back to get the revised price, which delays you getting your dinner.
  • Know where you are: Believe it or not, often times someone will call in an order from a friend's house and doesn't know the address where they want the food delivered. Find out before you call if you are not sure.
  • (Optional) Have your credit card ready: If you are paying by credit card, have it ready before you make the call.
While On The Phone:
  • Ask for specific specials: Many customers will call in and ask "What are your specials?" This is fine but when the phone person describes the deals on 3 pizzas, and you reply "No it's just me," they have wasted both of your time. Asking if there are any deals on single (or multiple) pizzas may get you a faster, more accurate answer.
  • Answer questions in order: Many pizza shops now use computer-based ordering systems and the data must be entered in a certain order. For example, on our system, the person taking the order must enter the phone number and address before adding any items to the order. They must choose the crust type and size before choosing the toppings. If you call up and blurt out "I want a pepperoni mushroom pizza" you may have to repeat yourself.
  • Specify how you are paying: If you plan to pay by check, be sure the pizza parlor accepts checks. Many do not. If you plan to pay by credit / debit card, now is the time to give out the information.
  • Ask for extras: If you need napkins, plates, red pepper or parmesan cheese packets, ask for them while you are ordering. If you do not ask, the driver may not have any.
After Ordering:
  • Stay home: The quoted delivery time is just an estimate and may not be accurate, especially if you live close by. If the shop is not busy, your order could be on it's way in as little as 10 minutes. Now is not the time to go to the store for a bag of chips!
  • Answer the phone: The pizza shop may need to call you if there are any questions with your order or if they ran out of a topping and want to offer you a replacement. If your ringer is off or if you are online and your phone is busy, it could delay your order.
  • Get your money ready: If you have a group, collect the money now. If your purse is upstairs, go get it. Be ready to pay when the food arrives.
  • Turn your porch light on: Making your house easy to find helps the driver get your dinner to you as quickly as possible.
When The Doorbell Rings:
  • Answer it: This one seems like it should be a no-brainer, but you would be surprised how many people call out "Who is it?" as if they have no idea why anyone would knock on their door 30 minutes after they ordered pizza for delivery.
  • Tip the driver: Pizza delivery drivers work for tips. If you paid a delivery charge, in most cases, it goes to the store. The driver may get a portion of it to cover his gas. This is not in place of a tip, this helps cover his vehicle expenses. A good tip is 15% of the order, with a minimum of $2. Tips should be more in harsh weather or for far-away locations. Drivers have good memories and a driver who remembers a good tip will go out of his way to get you your pizza fast in the future!

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