Thursday, February 1, 2007

Serious Car Trouble

Went out to make my 5th & 6th deliveries last night and my 1992 Hyundai Excel made a very strange, grinding/spinning/scraping/whirring noise as it started up. Kind of sounded like trying to start the car when it is already started.

On my way to my first delivery I noticed that the sound reappeared every time I put in the clutch. Also I noticed that my radio had no power. As I drove on I also discovered that my headlights were out, as well as the fan for the heater/defroster.

Left the car running while I made the first delivery, second one was to a low-income high-rise so I had to turn it off. I just prayed that it would start when I got back.

Made the delivery and called the store to return me in the computer (so the delivery did not show as late) and to let them know I would be delayed. I stopped at both AutoZone and Advance Auto Parts. AutoZone tested the alternator / battery and the charge was fine. Neither of them really had a solid idea what it might be.

I made it back to the store. We were in pretty good shape because Mona was working again tonight, the dishes were caught up and the prep work was complete. It was about 9PM so they let me just go home.

I called my good friend Randy who knows way more about cars than me. He came up and had a look, and also led me home (me having no headlights and all).

So now my car is at Firestone and I am checking out Enterprise to possibly rent a car for the weekend.

I'm very frustrated, I still haven't told the story here of why I am driving that car anyways, but so far in the 1 month I have had it, I have not had very good luck.

In the 3 hours I worked, I did make 6 deliveries, drove 20 miles, and earned $14 in tips. Our driver reimbursement got dropped from $1.00 per run to $0.95 per run. This is a result of the falling gas prices, I knew it would be happening but was hoping it would not.

I'll write again when I know what is going on with my car.

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Basil Glenn said...

I don't blame you for being frustrated, especially since your job was one that required a car. I sincerely hope that you weren't gypped when you bought that car. Did you eventually find out what was wrong with it? Do you still have this car, or have you since moved on to a better one?

- Basil Glenn