Monday, February 14, 2011

Valentines Monday

I usually like to work on Valentine's Day but since this year it was a Monday, I have had a feeling it wouldn't be as great a night as usual.  Many people celebrated already on Friday, Saturday, or even Sunday.

We were busier than a normal Monday but not by a whole lot.  And my deliveries seemed to be far-away, I think the other 2 drivers made out way better than me.  I worked 3.02 hours, took 7 deliveries, made $14 in tips, and drove 24 miles.

The only interesting thing was when I told a customer about the survey on the back of the receipt for a chance to win $1000, he remarked, "I could buy alot of pizza with that."  I chuckled.  Usually it's me with the funny lines.

Since I don't have much else to say, here are some interesting pizza-related links I have gotten recently:

  • Cavit Wines is searching for the best original gourmet pizza recipe in its 6th Annual Cavit Gourmet Pizza Classic. Finalists receive a trip to NYC to compete for the grand prize—a trip for two to Italy and the title of “America’s Best Gourmet Pizza Chef”. For more information and to see last year’s finalist recipes visit:
  • Get Delivery Driver Jobs, a community for Delivery Driver professionals, included my site as a resource.  I wish them well!

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