Tuesday, February 1, 2011

No Sierra Mist - Can I Suggest a Mountain Dew?

My first delivery of the night included two 2-liters, a Pepsi and a Sierra Mist.  I checked the cooler and we are out of Sierra Mist.  I took an extra Pepsi and also a bottle of Mountain Dew, so I could offer the customer a choice.  He picked the Mountain Dew.

Also, I had a free "customer satisfaction credit" order tonight, which means the customer complained and we gave them a credit for some free food on their next order.  Usually these customers assume I should deliver it for free also, but this woman was kind enough to give me a $2 tip (all in quarters).

I worked longer than most Mondays recently, as driver Matt is not driving due to (I think) car trouble.  I worked 4.43 hours, took 13 deliveries, drove 39 miles, and made $29 in tips.  Not a bad night!

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