Monday, January 31, 2011

Does Home Value Affect The Tip Amount?

I had a small sample today, 8 deliveries, but ironically my first delivery (to Arrowhead Drive in the Flint Ridge neighborhood) was to a house that was probably worth more than all of my other 7 deliveries combined.  (Colonial Oaks trailer park, West, 7th, Furnace, Jackson, 2nd, and East).

The "nice" house tipped $2.  The other 7 tipped a range of $1 to $5 with an average of almost $3.  Can't say that there was a big difference, but anybody expecting a bigger tip from a bigger house will most likely be disappointed.

I did have 2 credit card orders where the manager has to give me the tip.  Tonight was Manager Mike, same as Friday when I had my string of $5 tips.  It was pretty funny when both credit card tips tonight were $5!

Finally, I've got a new favorite Sunday night radio show - AlternaFISH!  "Positive rock and hip hop music.   ON-AIR every Saturday and Sunday night from 9pm to midnight on 95.5 the FISH, Cleveland"


Pizza Girl said...

Every pizza delivery person I've ever talked to about this (and my own anecdotal experience) says the same thing: rich houses tip poorly. Perhaps it's because they didn't get to be rich by giving away money. Perhaps it's because they don't know about tipping conventions. On the other end, really poor neighborhoods tip poorly as well. They don't see why you deserve a tip for doing your job. Middle neighborhoods are the way to go. I have a bunch of data from about a year ago with tipping totals and their addresses, I should get cracking on some sort of analysis to prove or disprove the anecdotes.

Patrick said...

I can still remember the three biggest houses that I've ever delivered to, and exactly how to get to each one, and that the tips I got there were $1.50, $1.50 and $0. I remember the house on the very edge of the delivery area that stiffed me every time, and I can remember the house that was way outside the delivery area but we made the exception for them and delivered anyway and they still stiffed me. I could still point out all of them to you on a map.

Its been over two years; Funny the things you remember.