Monday, January 24, 2011

Not Much To Say

Worked 1.79 hours, took 5 deliveries, drove 17 miles, made $6.82 in tips.

First delivery to a house $19.98 credit card order.  Customer looked in the box and didn't like the amount of extra cheese, sent the pizza back.  Tipped $1.80.

Second delivery to an apartment, $13.99 cash order, paid $14.

Third delivery to an apartment, $21.99 cash order, paid $24.

Fourth delivery was the rerun to the first house, no cost, tipped another $1.

Final delivery was to a house, $45.99 credit card order (3 large pizzas plus breadsticks), tipped $2.

1 comment:

Chris said...

Holy crap, I'm always embarrassed to leave less than $3 regardless of the order :/

This one has been on my mind for awhile: do the drivers get the actual tips from credit card orders, or do you prefer to get your tip in cash?