Monday, January 3, 2011

Catching Up

A few things about New Years Eve:
  • My ending mileage was 105,612 (for tax purposes)
  • Biggest tip was $5 (twice) and $4 (3 times)
  • Stiffed 4 times
  • 5 deliveries were to apartment buildings, including 2 to the low-income county building on Chestnut
I bought 3 packs of mardi gras beads at the Dollar Store on Friday morning, figuring I would wear them to be festive and maybe give them out to any young kids that came to the door.  Well I didn't give any out all night, other than a few to some of my co-workers (who also wanted to look festive).  I did get a few remarks but I'm not sure if they increased my tips (like the Santa hat).

Now for tonight:
  • We were pretty slow, I did a whole lot of dishes
  • I worked 2.35 hours and took only 4 deliveries
  • I drove 23 miles and made $6.50 in tips
  • I got a magazine for Christmas, Popular Plates Pizza - Across The Country With Roadfood's Jane & Michael Stern.  It has some interesting articles about the origin of pizza, and a list of 100+ pizzerias throughout the US.
  • George got a WebKinz and today I played a game online with him, it was pretty fun.  You are running a pizza place and you take orders, make dough, add toppings, put the pizza in the oven, and serve it ... you have to do all of these things quickly before the customer gets upset and leave.  Meanwhile more customers (we got up to 6 at one time) are coming in and waiting to be served.

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