Monday, January 17, 2011

Address Verification

Third delivery of the night was to an apartment building.  The door was locked and there was no buzzer, so I called the customer on the phone # listed on the ticket.  I identified myself and the girl said she would be right down.

She paid for the pizza, then started up the stairs, asking, "Do you need to see that it's my apartment?"

"Nope", I replied, "You gave me the money, you can have the pizza."

I wonder who she thought might be looking out the window, waiting to pay for someone else's pizza without even knowing what it was?!?!?

Fourth delivery of the night was a new customer, I called on the way to confirm the address (which is store policy to prevent crime) and he was convinced I was lost.  He didn't tip.  He got his food in about 40 minutes after his order.  If he keeps not tipping, I will certainly be in less of a hurry to bring his food in the future.

Totals for the night were 2.43 hours, 5 deliveries, 18 miles, and $12 in tips.  This is becoming pretty average for a Monday night.

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