Friday, January 28, 2011

Relief Driving

First, I want to answer a comment on my previous post asked about credit card tips.  When I get a credit card tip, I get the cash as soon as I get back to the store.  If the customer writes $3 on the tip line, I turn in the slip and the manager hands me $3.  So that is just as good as a cash tip to me.

I was home, actually in my pajamas, eating dinner, a little after 7 when Manager Mike called.  One of the drivers was not feeling well and Mike asked me to come in and close.  Money is a little tight in our house this week so I jumped at the chance.  I got there around 7:30 and by 9 I was the only driver.

I worked 4.65 hours, took 12 deliveries, drove 28 miles, and made $22 in tips.  Tips were pretty low tonight, six $1 tips, two $2 tips, and four $3 tips.  Best tip of just over $3 was from a woman who said she used to be a cab driver!

Driver Matt is having car trouble so I may be picking up a few extra shifts in the next week or so but I'm already scheduled Friday-Monday-Thursday-Sunday-Monday so I won't be picking up too many beyond that.

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Pizza Girl said...

I always preferred cash even though at the end of the night I got the full amount of the credit card tips in cash. The thing for me was that my straight cash tips didn't get reported as income to the government and therefore didn't incur taxes withheld from my paycheck.