Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Snowy Monday

Tonight was one of those snowy icy nights where nobody wanted to be out.  I initially expected a slow night due to people being off work for Presidents Day, but once the weather turned nasty I knew there would be some deliveries.

Slow was the name of the game, my first 2 trips I took 4 orders each, and each trip took about 45 minutes or more to complete and get back.  No major trouble, but I don't drive into snowy driveways, I will simply put my flashers on and leave the car on the road.  Driver Joel said he got stuck in a driveway for a few minutes tonight.

Highest tip was $3.76, lowest was $1.01.  I worked 3.97 hours, drove 30 miles, took 11 deliveries, and made $27 in tips.

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