Thursday, February 3, 2011

Wierd Things You See As A Pizza Driver

Tonight was pretty unremarkable (and unprofitable) as I worked 3.05 hours, took 8 deliveries, drove 19 miles, and made $10 in tips.

I did see a girl carrying a broken chair out from her apartment to the dumpster.  I said "That looks like the chair Goldilocks broke!"

A few weeks ago I delivered to an apartment and they had all the burners on their stove lit.  They were not cooking anything (obviously, they ordered pizza) so I can only assume that they got "free gas" and were using the gas as auxilliary heat for their home.  Kind of sad.


The Restaurant Manager said...

I bet you do see some interesting stuff in your line of work!

Anonymous said...

Hey Kevin, please help...what's a good tip for a driver? I hate being cheap, but I'm not rich either. Thanks.

KevinL said...

Darla - A good tip is about the price of a gallon of gas. Currently $3. You could add a buck or 2 for a large order (more than 2 pizzas), a far-away order, or an order in really bad weather.

KevinL said...

Oh, and thanks for asking!