Saturday, February 26, 2011

Do Pizza Drivers Make Better Tips In Bad Weather?

Today as my lunchtime running group was getting started, we observed a Fed Ex truck get stuck in the street.  Runner Matt commented that he wouldn't want to be any kind of delivery driver on a day like today.  I mentioned that I would be delivering pizzas tonight.  Matt suggested that at least I should be making good tips.  Unfortunately, it seems that isn't always the case.

But tonight was pretty good.  No stiffs, only 1 $1, and 6 $4 or more ).

First run - 3 deliveries ($2, $3, $6)
Second run - 4 deliveries ($5, $3)
Third run - 4 deliveries ($4, $2, $3, $3)
Fourth run - 4 deliveries ($4, $2, $5, $2)
Fifth run - 3 deliveries ($2, $4, $1)

I didn't come close to getting stuck, because I have learned not to try to pull in a snowy driveway.  I just flick my hazard lights on and leave the car in the street for a couple minutes.

Of course, at my next-to-last delivery, this led to an interesting story from a customer at a trailer park.  He said to be careful and I remarked that I was staying out of the snow.  He then said how once he had suffered a heart attack while shoveling snow!  He also has been run over by a car and had a 2nd heart attack.  I joked that he was like a cat and he said yeah, he figured he only had 6 lives left!

Totals for the night:  4.49 hours, 16 deliveries, 40 miles, $51 in tips.