Monday, February 7, 2011

Super Sunday - Super Survey

I decided to take a survey as I drove around tonight, at each house I asked 2 questions:  Which team were they rooting for, and what was their favorite commercial.

I had 15 deliveries during the game and forgot to ask once, so here are my 14 answers to the football question:

Green Bay - 8 orders, $23.50 (average $3 tip, only 1 stiff)
Pittsburgh - 2 orders, $5 (average $2.50, 1 stiff)
Split house (people cheering for each team) - 2 orders, $7.50 (average $3.75, no stiffs)
Philadelphia - 1 order, 1 stiff
Not sure - 1 order, 1 stiff

The moral of the story is, football fans tipped way better than non-football-fans.

I only got 3 people to answer the favorite commercial question, one said the commercial with the test baby, one said he wasn't sure but it had to involve beer, and one said Doritos (they always seem to have some good ones).

So I just got home and watched the test baby commercial - I have to say, not impressed.  Not only I wasn't amused, I'm not sure I really even understand the product.  An alternative to hotels I guess.

I watched the Doritos commercials and I found 2, they both were pretty good.  The one with the pug was pretty predictable, but the house sitting one was both funny and surprising.  I guess now I found another, the one with the finger-licking was pretty wierd.

Work-wise, tonight was pretty typical for a Super Bowl.  Busy, lots of drivers, decent money but not great.  As usual, no "parties", I never delivered more than 2 pizzas and some sides to one house all night long.  Totals were 6.51 hours worked, 58 miles driven, 19 deliveries, and $49 in tips.

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